Evil Succubus, Consort of Nale


While Sabine is loyal to Nale, her true allegance is to Director Lee of the Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission. She has been acting as his agent on the Mortal Plane, keeping him informed of any events or details which may advance the IFCC’s goals (tipping the cosmic balance between Good and Evil in Evil’s favor), for which she is eligible for a 10% finder’s fee.

When The Linear Guild betrayed The Order of the Stick in order to claim The Talisman of Dorukan, Sabine flew Nale to safety until Haley Starshine shattered the Talisman. At this point she attacked Haley, confident in her Damage Reduction to prevent any damage, but Haley’s use of Manyshot combined with an arrow of Cold Iron and an arrow of Silver caused her to flee.



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