Matthew Ningel

Human Druid


Matthew Ningel was born to an unnoble Knight and a prostitute, after the birth of Matthew his mother had abandoned him in a large thick forest, underneath a large oak trees root. The newborn whined for hours and hours, pleading for at least a little ounce of attention. Eventually a wolf came, on the moment of its approach the child stopped crying at once. The eyes of the two locked in a eternal look of need. The wolf approached the newborn and it spoke but only to him, “Child you need not worry for I am here and will be for the remainder of time.” The child looked with a curious expression. As the child grew older he named his celestial wolf, Foxy as he was far too young to understand the difference of a Fox from a Wolf. The boy vowed to protect the forest he had grown up in, until its enemies were all destroyed. It is unknown how many creatures that Matthew had killed what is known that it was well over a few hundred. After the elimination of the enemies of the forest, Matthew set out for new ways to protect nature as a whole, he currently travels around with a ragtag group of adventurers named after his own wolf.


Matthew Ningel

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