Goverment Type: Matriarchy

Geographic Location: Northwest Faerun

Insignia: Two rapiers behind a rose.

Current Ruler: Renee Regalia IX

Founder: Rachael Regalia

Motto: “Flourish.”

Other Interesting Facts: Regalia is protected by its elite Sworddancer Corps, who fight gracefully with rapiers on the field of combat. The rapier is the weapon of choice in Regalia, and is a social must-have for any of its residents. It was founded by Rachael Regalia in -3026 DR, when she and her band of 300 sworddancers crushed the opposition in Icewind Dale, securing them land in the plains of Northwest Faerun. Only direct descendants of Rachael Regalia may become Empresses or hold higher offices in the Regalian government.


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