Indigo Guard

Goverment Type: Theocracy

Geographic Location: Central Faerun, surrounding the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Insignia: 12 moons in a ring on a shield

Current Ruler: High Priest Tyriel Alsuer II

Founder: None – founded out of union of 18 lesser nations.

Motto: “One Final Stand, United Against Our Enemies”

Other Interesting Facts: Due to its geographic location surrounding the Sea of Fallen Stars, the Indigo Guard owns 92 percent of all trade in the Sea of Fallen Stars. Its rulership is placed in the hands of an elected Pope-like figure. Its main religion is that of the 12 southern gods. Its army consists of dedicated paladins working for no pay, who are fed, clothed, and sheltered for their service. Its capital city is Marinboro, which sits squarely in the middle of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Indigo Guard

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