Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!®

Halfling Ranger


Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!® is a halfling who is all about the fame. The thrill of delving deep into dungeons unknown, slaying evil monsters, and attaining riches beyond his wildest dreams is what he lives for. He has dined with the Lords of Waterdeep, exchanged arrows with the menacing Orcs of the Underwood, and drank merrily with the Dwarves of the Peaks of Flame. His dashing charisma and dead-aim proficiency with a bow make him a great hero.

Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!® is well-known, of course, across the entirety of Faerun. Unfortunately, he’s not always known for good deeds. Sure, he destroyed the lair of an evil witch in Waterdeep, and sure, he took down a whole bandit camp outside Baldur’s Gate, but he also embezzled 3,000 gold from Acquisitions Incorporated and stole a priceless jade artifact from a far land to the east.

Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!® has nine girlfriends across Faerun. L’letri of Elfharrow, Maggie McGull of Velen, Sarah Silverwood of the Moonshae Isles, Kilwit Karuneer of Icewind Dale, Rachael Ragweed of Aglarond, Julia Janelle of Samarach, Miko Miyazaki of the Dragon Coast, Celia – Champion of the Black of The Wyrmwoods, and last but not least, Trissa Tarnach of Neverwinter. None of them are aware of the others’ existence.

Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!® has many different nicknames. They range from “The Hero of Cliffport” to “That Little Red Bastard Who Took All My Shit”. Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!® also has never been much of a team player. His friends can often be heard exclaiming “You stole my kill!” in his presence. He’ll often claim magic items for himself, and nothing is as infuriating as seeing that brand-new Bastard Sword of Smiting being accidentally thrown down a pit.

Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!®’s great-grandfather swore a blood oath to protect HIS father’s precious Amulet of Dorukan. If the amulet is not safe when a Neverdie dies, he cannot pass on to the next life. Only when the amulet is secured deep within a vault of his own creation can the Neverdie clan pass on.

Overall, Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!® is both an amazing adventurer and an all-around douchebag. If you’re lucky enough to be travelling with Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!®, please remember that you deserve some loot too, and slitting his throat normally doesn’t work.


Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaire!®

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