Brakngul Purbag

Half-Orc Bard

Brakngul is an older gentleman. At Least by the standards of his fellow peers. Being a half-orc leaves it tough to earn any kind of reputation or respect by any of the fellow races he sees. Most people don’t take him seriously or are foully rude to him. However a lot of this changes when he walks into a bar. The man owns a elegant ukulele which he plays from town to town. He has successfully made a living off of this for the years that have passed. The innkeepers usually keep him for a few days with free bed and food while the customers will tip the man here and there for his performance. This half-orc is of a nice spirit and nature. He will only fight if he is attacked but never will use his voice or music for harshness.

In his youth Brakngul was raised by his mother, a human. He was taught as if he was a human and was raised to be kind hearted. His mother was a rather poor woman having trouble paying for her son and self. At about the age of 13 the orc found a small ukulele and started to try and play it. A man in his local town took notice of this. He took it upon himself to mentor Brakngul. He taught him the basics and some songs to play leading the young orc to create some talent in this field. At a later age it was a reliance for Brakngul to take care of his mother. One of his only friends. She had fallen ill and to this day is being taken care of by Brakngul. He makes regular visits when he is not on a work trip. Using him money from his profession to take care of her. Brakngul has never met his father let alone another orc. This has lead him to be wary and interested in the orc race.
Brakngul’s life has been quite the repetitive one traveling from town to town. He has met many different people among his travels ranging from drunks, to adventures, to nobles. He has come to his fair share of trouble. This would include false claims by local people of him doing wrong to them or local bandits robbing him. Naturally he took it upon himself to play to the local guard and a good word from the inn to stop this, or bashing people in the face with his trusty staff. Those are only on a bad day. His good days would include days he is able to help out or teach some of the local children. He has made quite the name for himself among parents for being a good mentor just like his teacher. In the modern day Brakngul’s mother is not doing any better, he dreads the day she passes away. His teacher is still around not seen as much because of his age but continues to teach more lessons to Brakngul.
Knowing he can’t continue his life as it is or it would result in despair, Brakngul has decided to change it up. His mentor has recommended that Brakngul should go for a life of adventure, search and fight for the cure he needs. So Brakngul has decided to find a band of people one that would lead him on the path of hope. He would provide his assistance as long as the party did rightful things. With him he will bring the knowledge of his instrument and the knowledge of the local world. He has packed himself utensils, water skins, bandages, and other basic needs. Shall this world treat him good or shall this world destroy all he has come to love?

Mother-Emilia Main
Father-Ushamph Purbag
Mentor-Rodger Hargrove
Name: Brakngul Purbag

Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Bard
Age: 27
Height: 6’4"
Skin color : Light green
Weight: 214
Race Half-orc
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black


Current player quests:

Find a Cure
Stop Nale!

Brakngul Purbag

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