Birroth Casura

Draconic Elf Sorcerer

After his birth, he was given up to an orphanage in the northern Sword Coast where he was adopted by a blonde human woman named Sophie Trimble. At a young age, Birroth discovered his latent powers of arcane magic. He cast his first spell, Light, at 87 years of age while working the night shift at his mother’s tavern. He was walking the streets of Neverwinter to go pick up some more Fire Salt when he got the feeling he was being followed. As the steps he heard grew closer, he suddenly jumped and his hand began emitting a light mysteriously. This scared away the man who was following him, and may have saved his life that day.

After his adoptive mother discovered his powers, she sent him to be mentored by a powerful sorcerer in the small town of Amn. His mentor, a dwarf named Anghrif Brunspire helped him control his powers, and they spent many years working together.

One day, Anghrif invited Birroth into his study, where he took a seat, and Anghrif explained something. He had always suspected something of Birroth, on account of the fact that his powers were more powerful than the average sorcerer. Anghrif explained to Birroth that he was something special, something called a Draconic sorcerer. That meant that Birroth was born of part dragon blood. In fact, the dragon who had birthed him was so powerful, that Birroth’s eyes were red as a result, rather than taking on an elf color, like blue. He was truly something special.

After he was old enough to leave his apprenticeship, he set off on a quest to find his real parents. For years, he searched, and still did not discover his birth parents. He has joined an adventuring party in the hopes that he would find his family, and further improve his arcane powers.


Birroth Casura

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