Regalia: The Third Age

Into The Underchasm!
A small peek into the world below...

Date: 6th of Midsummer, 1397 DR, Third Age

Party Members:

Brakngul Purbag the Half-Orc Bard
Matthew Ningel, the Human Druid
Birroth Casura, the Draconic Elf Sorcerer
Cedric Perimones, the Human Fighter
Charlotte ???, the Human Sworddancer
Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaireâ„¢!, the Halfling Ranger

Current Location: West Underchasm

When We Left Off…: You were to delve into the Underchasm on suspicion that something is there. You don’t know what. The six of you were about to be attacked by seven “snake-people” in black cloaks.

Active Quests:

Finding Nale
Brakngul’s Mother
The Night Riders
The Amulet

Current Status

Brakngul: Continued romance with Charlotte. Brand new ukulele!
Matthew: Strange dreams you STILL cannot talk about. Animals you have lost: Donkey, Mule
Birroth: Something amiss with your magic lately.
Cedric: Your family was slaughtered mercilessly by Nale. You were granted knightship in the Grey-Hand family, and have been ordered to seek out Nale and avenge your family.
Morris Neverdie, Hero Extrodinaireâ„¢!: One of your girlfriends tried to kill you! Fun! You know that your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather’s amulet is with Nale, and until you get it back, your blood oath will not be fulfilled.


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